February 19, 2019

World War II Japanese-American Relocation Program

Fact, Fiction and More

Feb 19, 2019

Executive Order 9066, issued by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, sent nearly 120,000 Japanese-Americans living on the Pacific Coast--62% of them American citizens--to internment camps as a "precaution" against possible spying and/or sabotage after Imperial Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.

Join us Tuesday, February 19, 2019--77 years to the day after FDR issued his controversial order--to see a PowerPoint presentation by LHS Board Member Phil Raschke examining the order and its consequences, revealing many details unknown to the general public. Phil will also present a 16-minute documentary, All We Could Carry by Academy Award Winning Director Steven Okazaki, filmed at the Heart Mountain, WY Relocation Camp.

The free program begins at 7:00 pm at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 10630 Gravelly Lake Drive SW in Lakewood. All ages welcome; refreshments served.

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