October 22, 2018

LHS Annual General Meeting Features Program on Doolittle's Raiders

Nov 27, 2018

The general public is invited to the Lakewood Historical Society's Annual General Meeting, this year featuring a presentation on the incredible exploits of General James Doolittle and his World War II aviators by local historian and radio personality Phil Raschke.

Famous today as Doolittle's Raiders, the General and his heroes accomplished a feat some had thought impossible—flying heavy bombers off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

A desperate measure in the early days of the war, the raid demonstrated to the enemy they were not beyond the reach of American retaliation for Pearl Harbor. Word of its success sent morale back home skyrocketing.

At the end of the presentation, LHS members will vote to elect Board members, hear year-end reports and learn who's to be honored with awards this year.

Tuesday, November 27, 7-9 pm

St Mary’s Episcopal Church
10630 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Lakewood.

Refreshments served.

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