July 18, 2024

Willie Frank rivets audience with talk of his father's legacy.

Billy Frank Jr.'s son shares his father's ability to connect with people of all backgrounds.

Sep 28, 2016

Lakewood Historical Society's Monthly Program for September, "The Legacy of Billy Frank, Jr", presented the story of how one man made a difference in the history of America and the life of his people--and went on to inspire future generations.

Sharing stories of his father's accomplishments during his many decades as a leader of the Nisqually Tribe--spearheading successful efforts to force state. local and federal governments to live up to their treaty obligations, husbanding natural resources, winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom--Willie Frank not only evoked the unstoppable spirit of Billy Frank Jr, he persuaded many in his audience to become advocates of the same causes Billy championed.

In this he was ably seconded by his aunt, Annette Bullchild, Educational Director of the Nisqually Tribe, and her husband Merlin, who opened the evening's proceedings with a prayer in his native Blackfoot language.

Truly, a rewarding evening for all who attended (at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, the usual venue for our programs--if you missed this one, please join us next time!).

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