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Playgrounds of the Lakes District

Jun 01, 2015

On June 6, 2015, LHS cut the ribbon on its newest exhibit, "Playgrounds of the Lakes District". Just in time for the US Open, "Playgrounds" explores our region's surprisingly prominent, but little known, role in the world of sports and leisure over the past century and more. In other words...

...exciting as the Open is, it's neither the first nor only Big Event from the world of sports to take place in Lakewood.  

Previous generations of Lakewoodians watched Olympic swimming trials, attended auto races on a par with the Indy 500, saw brothers of Presidents playing with captains of industry at the oldest golf club west of the Mississippi--and they weren't just passive observers, either. They played tennis, went canoeing, water-skied, golfed--any number of leisure-time activities beckoned from local lakes and fields. So much so, wealthy Tacomans came to look upon the Lakes District as their personal, back-yard resort and spa.

The Lakewood History Museum is at 6211 Mt. Tacoma Dr SW in historic Lakewood Colonial Center. Hours are noon to 4 pm, Weds-Sat.

Admission is, as always, FREE (donations welcome, of course).

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